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Indeed, you will retain all the publishing and copyrights !

The only thing we will need from you is the permission to use your content and make it available offline on Neovel. Another permission which is really important for us, but not mandatory, is the access/permission to translate your content (only on Neovel) in different languages. We want to provide to the translators the same type of service that we provide to the authors : the possibility to access a content and translate it on Neovel.

About the exclusivity, we do not want to include any in this adventure with you! 😉 Neovel is mostly a diffusion facility and a possible source of income for the authors/translators, nothing more (we are not a publishing house). That way, you will be able to diffuse your novels wherever you want outside of Neovel.

The same, you will be able to add, modify, remove novels from Neovel, (etc..) whenever you want. Just send us a message to tell us that you are doing it (especially for the modifications or when you intend to remove a novel).


At Neovel, we plan to redistribuate 25/50% of our premium & ads benefits to the authors. This amount will then be shared between authors according to the influence they’ve built on Neovel.

Yes indeed! 🙂

Currently we thought about a redistribution model based on the number of chapters read on Neovel to calculate the influence.

But once the project launched and in place, new metrics may come in the process such as the interaction with the readers, …

Currently 50% of the beta premium and 25% of the non beta premium benefits are redirected to the authors. And, do not worry, we want to be totally transparent.

Be sure that our goal is not to make as much money as possible, but to create a platform where authors and translators can professionalize themselves and readers fulfill their passion/discover new content.

So this % will always be in favor of the authors as much as it is possible for us.

Because of the beta premium offer, and the -50% discount, we choose to redistribute 50% of the Beta Premium subscriptions’ benefits.

That way, authors can earn the right amount, and with no change at all for their remuneration once we launch the official version with its premium model.

Indeed, we want to be as transparent as possible with our authors. We are also developing a simulator (daily updated according to the metrics of the moment) available for all to test their income.

About the rankings, we do not plan to create this kind of system between the authors or translators, because that’s not what we are looking for. We do not want to create a spirit of competition about who earns what and which one is the most influential authors/translators.

It’s all about the novels’ passion and the readers. We want everyone to be happy on Neovel.

You will be the one that chooses which novels/chapters would be available on Neovel. So the income calculation process will be based on all those chapters.

If readers start reading one of your already complete novel, it would have the same impact on your income as a reader that read your last chapter released.

But obviously, if you are active, you create more content and a regularity with your readers which can lead to a better chance to increase your income.

If we make enough money to implement it, it is totally possible. For example: we have thought to limit to xxxx$/month the income of the author and redistribute the rest to the other authors. By the same mindset, we will also limit our remuneration to the same amount. We cannot earn more than the authors and vice-versa. It will lead to a better distribution of the revenues!

You will receive two types of income coming from us :

  • The “normal” one : the one we talk about since the beginning, coming from us, Neovel. This kind of revenues can be considered as royalties (payment in exchange for the right to exploit your content).
  • The donations that will be given to you directly by the readers via Neovel. Those ones are donations, so you would be able to treat them as you treat your revenues from Patreon or direct donations.

We are using Stripe for the transaction and if you are an author, the amount will be redirected to your IBAN account or paypal


The novel’s format of edition is our main differentiation and what our readers are waiting for, so indeed there will be specific rules of diffusion on Neovel.
Right now, we don’t have all the rules set down, but the author will need to keep a regular rhythm of release (daily, weekly, 2/months, …) specified to their readers in their bios. Obviously, this rhythm will depend on your own schedule, but it can impact your influence on Neovel and at the same time your revenue.

About the length of the chapters, it will indeed be delimited with a min and a max words accepted. It is not defined yet, mostly because we need your own feelings on that but it should be around a minimum of 1500 characters and a maximum of 35000 characters.


Once the new version of Neopload released, new features will be available, and you will have an author’s profile allowing you to add the links you want to (your website, Patreon, …).

There will also be an option for direct donations directly available on your profile, if you want to add it.

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