Hey curious, welcome here,
We’re glad to see that you’re interested in our story!
Let’s first start by who we are and then it will automatically lead to what is Neovel.
We are two long-time friends, both named Thibau(lt/d), almost raised together cause our families are really close to each-other, that enjoy reading a lot. So much that, when we’ve discovered novels, it became a bit more than a hobby (i’d say a passion) until Thibault starts working on a side project: an app made for him to easily track novels updates.
Later, Thibaud joined Thibault (I know that’s weird) and they start to build a real project, Neovel! Currently, the team is now formed with 5 people: Thibault & Thibaud, Tanguy (initially Thibault’ex neighbor, now UX Designer), Mathieu (1st employee) & Pamela (UX Designer).
Neovel evolves a lot, a bit thanks to our hard work, but mostly thanks to our amazing community and all the love & feedback they share with us!
Now, Neovel is much more than an app, it’s:
  • A project: two platforms, linked together and everyone with its own aspect.

    : the readers’ side of our project, where you will be able to access, read, discover, share (we wish you all of that) novels with an amazing community. It is free to use, but in order to make our goal and philosophy works, we’ve developed a premium subscription model allowing you to access plenty of new features (offline reading, ranks, interface personnalisation, …) but mostly it will help us remunerate our amazing authors who are using Neopload.


    : but what’s Neopload?? What an amazing transition! Neopload is the writers’ side of our project, where an author, amateur or professional, can post its contents, create/gather its audience, interact with them and access plenty of data to increase the quality of their work. Amazing, isn’t it? And more, we think that every work need to be remunerated, especially when it’s giving that much pleasure! That’s why, thanks to all the premium subscribers, 50% of the premium benefits are redirected to our authors, remunerate according to their influence on Neovel. https://neopload.neovel.io/

  • A community: because everyone loves novels, let’s all work together to make it as easy to use, as friendly, as communicative as possible!
    That’s why it’s not the readers on one side, on the other side the writers, and again Neovel is a bit far away. We’re all in this together!
    Readers help us remunerate authors, give feedback, share the novels and access plenty of amazing stories in the best interface possible. Writers work as hard as possible to create the best stories possible, while interacting with their audience, and they’re paid for it.
    Neovel provides the best ecosystem for everyone to enjoy their time, and you, can help us reach our goal!

  • A goal: again, what a transition! So what do we want to reach together? Nothing more that what we already have now, … But BIGGER : a strong and amazing community, more and more authors, and everything working fine for everyone!


If you are still there after all those lines, thanks a lot and welcome in this adventure with us!

We’re so glad to have you in our community and we hope that we will make Neovel great together, thanks to all of you!